DAY 8 (Saturday, August 9):

The next day we took our time waking up and leaving. It was our last day and we would be home that evening. Luckily we had a pool at the hotel and some took advantage of that. Before heading home, we stopped at Sam’s Club and Best Buy in order to purchase Laurence a new camera. We drove all the way home and got home at 5:30pm…not long after taking our last "RA" picture of the big bull in Almont, MI.

We were greeted by Bill, Terry, Nick and Erin. The house looked welcoming and the garden looked taken care of. Terry (and family) had spent the day cleaning the house, Bill had made lasagna for us. We spent the rest of the night talking and drinking and resting.

Thank you Terry (and family) for taking care of Sparky & Smokey, the house and the garden while we were gone. It’s very much appreciated!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your family vacation with me. It was fun to read about. Say how do you set up those links inside your post without having to put in the url? Maybe you should consider becoming a web designer.

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