so the visiting is over...

My sister and family flew out yesterday and Jerome’s sister, brother and families fly out tonight. Now it will be time to get everything settled and back to normal; straightening the house & figuring out our bills. Sparky will be able to move about the house freely and come in and out at his leisure. He won’t know what to do.

All in all, it was a good visit – a lot of time spent around the dining room or picnic tables. The recycle guys must think we’re winos, because the whole bin was filled with wine bottles when I took it to the curb last night. We even had to set more bottles around the bin because there was no more room in the bin.

I’m wondering how much money Jerome’s family spent – they sure did buy a lot of stuff. It was remarkable how generous they are with their kids. I know I have never and would not ever have purchased as much stuff for Justin on any sort of vacation or trip. Not that I think that not buying him gifts is a good thing. I guess I'm just cheap. Seems like the kids really enjoyed and will continue to remember their trip partially due to what was purchased.

My sister and I were only able to spend a little time together amongst the ciaos. We only had about an hour at the end to have some time to talk, just the two of us. That’s too bad, but hopefully she’ll be moving back to the states shortly and potentially I will be able to see her more often.

Well, time to go meet Jerome and the Frenchies at Jerome’s work and to take them to the airport.

Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said…
very interesting. thanks
camille said…
hi it's camille, I also think it was a good trip and I also think we will remember it forever. I am sorry for you that you could not see your sister anymore because of us. I hope you understood me.
baby sister said…
I totally understood you - and no, really I will see my sister a lot once she moves back to the USA. So no need to worry.

I'm glad you had a good time and I will always look back at this vacation and remember that you were my friend and I really enjoyed talking and spending time with you.

I tell the story of it "not being time for anything" at 4:15pm when your sister and I enjoyed an ice cream, but you would not have one. I find that so funny and so like Jerome.

I hope you read this.

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