road tripin'...

Took a trip with my husband’s family this past week; Sabine, Pascal, Camille, Emmanuelle & Laurent, Laurence, Anthony & Justine.

The idea was to go to Memphis to visit Elvises Graceland. Along the way we made many stops.

I had figured out our route and researched some cool stuff that we would or could be passing by from Roadside America. I had a large booklet of possibilities and created a smaller booklet from that for the children. This smaller booklet had things that they could possibly see from the highway while we were driving. I kept the larger booklet and if we decided to make some stops off the highway, I had a bunch of stuff we could occupy our time with.

Since the kids would be in the car for hours at a time, which is something that they are not used to being from France, I decided to make a few games. One game was the Alphabet game; I had only typed the letters A->Z and they were to find words on signs that began with the letters. They would start with A and then move on to the next letter once a word with A was found.

Another game was the license plate game. I found a website that had pictures of every license plate in the US. I put the pictures in a PowerPoint and as they saw the license plates, they would circle the corresponding license plate on the paper.

Finally the last game; Dead or Alive. I had pictures of several common animals that you would see while driving in a car – and now that I’m thinking about it, I should have had horse, cow, goat and sheep, but anyway I guess I was more focused on the "dead" - once they saw one of the animals, they were to put a tick mark and whether it was dead or alive. We have a lot of road kill – they probably have seen more wild animal’s dead in the US than they have seen living in France.


camille said…
thank you yvonne for all these little games that you made. It was very funny and interesting.
Anonymous said…
How you would conduct a reverse license plate owner research? I want to know if there is whichever way you can type in a license plate number over the internet and see the name of the individual if it is associated to or perhaps the address of that person. Can anyone assist me? This is an Illinois license plate with S by the end of it. Please email me if you're able to perform a search or post if you know how to do a free one. Thanks in advance.
baby sister said…
Dear Anonymous,

If you are not spam; which I don't think you are since there aren't any links in your posting...I believe that there is not a way to do a reverse look up of a license plate, otherwise "stalkers" and bad guys would find out where you live far too easily. Just imagine all the road rage victims there would be!

I think the only way is if you are a police officer or work for the DMV or Secretary of State offices. If this person did something wrong, I would contact the police.

Sorry, wish I could be of more help.

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