DAY 4 (Tuesday, August 5):

Started making our way to Memphis. Made a “drive-thru” sort of stop in Nashville, TN, Music Row to find the “Naked Dancers” statue and the “Snowball Throwing Polar Bears” statue. We found the bears by accident – we followed the directions that are listed on "RA", but they had the wrong streets, so while we were trying to find our way back to Music Row, we drove right next to them. Ah-ha! Photo op.

Got into Memphis and dropped our luggage at the hotel, took a swim in the pool and then headed to downtown Memphis. When we parked, Laurence said that her good camera had fallen and that it was broken. This was a bummer, but she decided that she would use her sons camera for the rest of the trip. Went on Beale Street and wherever there was a picture of Elvis, Laurence wanted her picture taken with it.

That evening we went to Big Foot Lodge for dinner. We all wanted Camille to try the Sasquatch Burger, which is a 4 lbs. burger that if you eat the whole thing within 60 minutes, it’s free and you get your picture up on the Wall of Fame. Turned out that we split it between 6 of us; and we were stuffed!


Anonymous said…
That is one big burger!
baby sister said…
...and delicious! It was really the best tasting burger I've had in a very long time.

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