trip to the great north west...

We've been trying to head out to Seattle ever since our friends Andy & Helena moved there nearly 5 years ago.  We even had tickets purchased at one point and had to cancel the trip because our friend had to go on a business trip.  We tried again only our friend and his girlfriend were heading off to India.  So, as I told him, the third times the charm...and other things about thirds.

Well there were a couple of other reasons we wanted to head over there; my niece and her husband moved to Port Orchard, WA about a year ago AND the woman who spent her honeymoon in our house back in 1947 lives in Bremerton, WA and we thought it would be kind of cool to visit her.

The final reason was that Jerome, when he agreed to move to Detroit some 10 years ago had initially thought it was located in the north west of the United States - well, he was sorely mistaken. 

Since then, he's wanted to visit the Seattle and British Columbia area.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.


Jabbles said…
Kind of funny how it took you so long to get there, I went to Seattle and Vancouver a couple years ago with a friend. He was heading out to visit an old college buddy and about three weeks before his trip he invited me along and I said "Why not?"
Anonymous said…
Ok this made me laugh really hard. Do they not have maps in France? Or did someone tell him that is where Detroit was & he just take their word for it?
Deni said…
Well, there is a Detroit Lakes, MN. Really enjoyed the whole story of the trip to the NW on the blog. Great pictures, too. I have to say I always enjoy your blog. I imagine it is a personal letter just to me:-).
baby sister said…
@Anonymous, you'd have to ask him.

@Deni - my blog IS a letter I'm writing just to you ;)

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