DAY 9 (Saturday, July 3)...

 Began the day taking the Ferry (almost an ocean-going ferry) back to the US; Victoria to Port Angeles.
It was really a beautiful day - the water was calm enough.  There was a group of ladies providing entertainment by playing the violin in the ferry which reminded me of the Titanic.

When the ride was nearly done, I was walking through one of the common areas and saw all the passengers looking off to the one side of the boat - making the boat keel a little bit.  I asked what they are looking at and was told that there was a whale sighting.  As I looked in the same direction, I saw the spray of a killer whale breaching.
Once in Port Angeles, we decided to eat.  Stopped at a nice looking sandwich restaurant.  We will call our waitress 'Miss Butt Crack'.  It didn't matter what she did, a good inch or two was continually showing.  Took us over an hour to get our food.  After 45 minutes we already had too much time invested to leave. Miss Butt Crack kept coming to tell us that she was sorry.  But one of the remarkable things was that it wasn't just us that didn't get served - there was absolutely NO food coming out of the kitchen the entire time we were there waiting.  Eventually we got our food and I'm glad we waited because mine was fabulous.  Jerome didn't have as much luck - his ended up being a cold sandwich which is not his favorite - he sent it back to get nuked.  We didn't have to pay for our lunch.  Bonus for waiting.
Drove to Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic Mountains.  All I can say is OMG!!!  It's really gorgeous!  You MUST go!
We drove all the way up past the clouds and into the snow. Jerome made a tiny snowman.  I think it was something like 100 degrees in Michigan that day :D
Once we were up at the top, we stayed for a little presentation that the Ranger did about the Cougars.  She had a skin and a skull that she showed us.  Basically she told us that they don't know much about them because they are elusive.
As with anything with us, we don't stay for long.  We saw what we came there to see, took pictures and then we were on our way.  We did that with the Grand Canyon as well.

Started driving to the Hoh Rain Forest.  Drove past Lake Crescent and into Forks, WA - home of Twilight (the movie).  Stayed at a (sort of) B&B in Forks.  The decor was very Christian...everywhere.  She needed to get to church early in the morning the next day, so we were asked to be out of there around 7:30am...oh, and no breakfast.
Forks is a small town that seems a bit depressed.  But with the Twilight series, it is breathing a bit of life back into the town.

While we were taking the picture of the lumberjack with the arrow through his head - were were nearly assaulted by some local boys in a huge, loud pick-up truck.  Apparently they are none too pleased that tourists are coming to Forks and providing their depressed economy a little burst of revenue.

According to our B&B hostess, Forks also was where they filmed the Ewok scenes for the Star Wars series; Return of the Jedi.  She said that the Ewoks huts were just recently torn down.  However we have not been able to find someone who is willing to collaborate that story.


Jabbles said…
Were there many other obvious tourists? Seems odd that the "good ol boys" would be that upset about a couple taking a few pictures.
baby sister said…
Yes, people that were stopping at the Forks sign and snapping pictures.

The boys were young and in a very loud raised diesel pick up. They were hanging out the windows and yelling profanities at us - and they had shaved heads....hummmm
Your Son said…
You are correct. She is wrong. All the Endor scenes (that's the planet Ewoks are from) were filmed in California, in the huge redwood trees. If you watch Star Wars Commentary, like I do (because i'm deployed and have nothing to do!) You'd know that =P

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