DAY 4 (Monday, June 28)...

It was so sweet,...Sam looked online for some "gardens" for us to visit, but left out "botanical", so we ended up at a garden store.
From there we headed to Bremerton.  Had lunch at Bostons, which is not the same as the Boston's franchise in Michigan.  Had a calzone, which was yum.
Drove by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard - walked around the newly created space within downtown Bremerton that had naval themed fountains and sculptures.
It was time to say good-bye to Sam and we headed out to see Mrs. Dorothy Diamond Adams; the lady who spent her honeymoon in the house back in 1947 - she is the one who "dated" the in, put a date when the house was built...not as in, went out with the house.  Stayed with her for a little over an hour, chatting.  Met her daughter as well.  Dorothy has recently moved to a "retirement home" in the previous week of our visit.  She was unable to show us any pictures of her and the house since they were in storage.

Started in the direction of Everett, WA.  Trying to get close enough so that we'll be able to do the Boeing tour first thing in the morning.  Called Andy and told him where we were (hint, hint - very close to their house...) but yet, no invitation...
So, we found a local B&B - with a BEAUTIFUL VIEW!  Walked the trail down to the railroad tracks and yet still very high from the water.
Went out to eat at Arnies - fancy restaurant, also with a pretty nice view.

Went back to the B&B and spent some time in the jacuzzi!  Fun!  Watched DVD about the history of the house.  Apparently, this house was in a couple of shows of the TV series "The Fugitive".  They had those episodes on DVD as well and we watched a little bit of that.  Another brush with fame!


dynochick (Jan) said…
Garden store....what a hoot. LOL

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