DAY 8 (Friday, July 2)...

The hotel we stayed (which was VERY clean and nice for an older hotel) had a shuttle service to downtown Victoria.  We were dropped off a couple blocks away from the harbor and we just walked around the city.
There were street vendors; one of whom I purchased a cool wool hat and performers.  The Empress Hotel. The Parliament buildings, etc.  We walked around the old city and into China Town - at one point using a very narrow alley.

We decided that we'd do the Butchart Gardens in the evening.  We were told that the gardens are very pretty when the landscape lighting comes on (around 8pm).

My most favorite part of the garden tour was the "Sunken Garden" where Mrs. Butchart took over the quarry where her husband worked and made it into a breathtaking garden.  Really, they should have that as one of the last gardens you visit because it's just  awesome.
There were other gardens as well, the Japanese garden, the Mediterranean garden, the rose garden - but really, none of them compared to the Sunken garden.
After we were done with the garden, we drove back down to downtown Victoria to see it at night - all lit up.


Jabbles said…
I wish I would have gone to Victoria when I visited Vancouver it looks like a really nice city.
dynochick (Jan) said…
Wow, I've always seen photos of that garden and always thought the colors were enhanced. Totally cool.

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