DAY 5 (Tuesday, June 29)...

Had a nice quiche waiting for us when we woke up this morning.  The proprietor sat with us and we chatted about the house and our vacation so far.

Then off to Boeing.
The Future of Flight tour was pretty cool.  First you walk in this long corridor under the building.  Eventually you get to these large elevators that take you up a few flights (no pun intended).  Once up there, you stand on a platform overlooking the assembly line.  There are about 6 planes in various states of construction in the hanger/warehouse; which they call the largest building in the world (by volume).
Andy couldn't make it to the tour because he had a meeting but met up with us afterward for lunch.  As we drove to the restaurant, we showed him where we ate the night before and the street that the B&B is located.
After saying our good-byes after lunch, we were off to British Columbia; Vancouver.  At some point, we found ourselves on another Ferry.  When we arrived in Vancouver, it was surprising to both of us.  The large buildings all seemed to have the same shape and color; silvery-blue.  But it still seemed less chaotic than a US big city.

We arrived at our hotel; Travelodge.  Not the best looking, smelling hotel room and it was oddly shaped - I needed my binoculars to view the TV screen, but we would keep it for two nights.

We relaxed, watched some TV, got on the internet.  I had some Denny's take-out and Jerome ate the leftover quiche from the morning; microwaved and served to him on a Travelodge in-room tray.  Delish!


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