DAY 2 (Saturday, June 26)...

We made plans to meet Sam and Mike in downtown Seattle and so we did, in the Post Alley by the gum wall.
We had about an hour before our Zerve Food Tour, so we walked through Pike's Market, sampling whatever was free.  I found out that Sam really likes free things - don't we all :D
Met up at the Tea Room with our tour guide around noon.  She was waiting for 8 more people, but no one showed, so we were "it".  That was kind of nice because we had more hands-on attention AND we got to eat much more food!  Some of the food was really good, like the seafood chowder and the crumpets and the other was not all to my taste, like the antipasto.  But I would recommend the food tour.  It gives you a nice taste of a bunch of different things and a little history.
For instance we learned that Pike's market was created by the farmers of the area trying to sell their goods without a big "middle-man" mark up.  It's been around since 1907.  And if you start a business in other areas of Seattle that will become a franchise; the original needs to be in the area of the market.

After we were done with the tour, we walked around by the water with Sam and Mike.  Looking in antique and gift stores.
Later, Sam and Mike headed home while we met up with our old friend Andy at a restaurant in downtown Seattle called Steelhead Diner.  We were expecting his wife Helena to be with him, but she was not there.  That was an elephant in the room.  We had clues that in the past 5 years  our friendship must have been waning, for instance, she returned to Michigan to finish her studies.  We invited her out with the "group" a couple of times, but she never responded - or if she did, it was to decline.  They got married while they've been living in the Seattle area and we were only sent an announcement.  Now, since we've tried to come out and visit them twice before and had to cancel because of their schedules - I felt that the marriage would have been a great opportunity to visit, so the announcement was sort of a slap in the face.  Well, our deduction of the situation is that Helena must have something against us.  Genius, aren't we?  It was still nice to see Andy, even though he was covering for her - still we made plans to meet up with him again at the Boeing plant later in the week.
We had to rush from there to the Ghost Tour.  Which is too bad because we had the WORST tour guide EVER!  I keep giving these ghost tours a chance, but really there were only two that were any good; one in Edinbourgh Scottland and the other in Charleston South Carolina.  I'm basing all my good thoughts about ghost tours on those two and am always disappointed.

Once that was finally over, we headed to the ferry to take to Port Orchard area (Fauntleroy/Southworth) and then drive to Farragut Arms, where my niece and her husband live.  Nearly 1am...they were still up waiting for us.


Jabbles said…
The free samples at the market are a nice treat. Next time I go to Seattle I would like to have access to a kitchen so I could actually enjoy a full meal made entirely from market ingredients.

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