DAY 7 (Thursday, July 1 - Canada Day)...

After a lot of thought, we decided the easiest way to do this was to keep the car at Travlelodge and walk to the train station through an Indian Reservation.  It only rained on us a little.
Today happens to be Canada Day and when boarding the train, the Rocky Mountaineer, we all got a little Canadian flag to wave around.

The train was headed to Whistler, and took the the same route we took with the car the day before, only a bit further north.
The train was on the edge and sometimes they had to slow the thing WAY down to make it around the sharp corners.  The guide told us a little story about several cars falling off the tracks down to the water - quite a fall - so at some point they determined that it would be a good idea to make some tunnels and slow the train down when they came to those curves.  I had to hide in the bathroom for a moment.  Anxiety.  But quickly realized that hiding in the bathroom won't do me any good if several of the cars fall off the track.  The bathroom would be pulled down with the rest of 'em.

Whistler seemed to me like Disney for adults.  Seemed too fake and brand new, but I guess, in this stage, it's more like 30 or so years old.
Got there just in time to experience the Canada Day parade!
Walked to the creperie.  Went to the museum to check out the Olympic stuff, but there wasn't much.

For me a very anxious day - took the train in and knew to get back to Vancouver I would be taking a sea-plane!  YIKES!!!, it made for a very quiet day at Whistler with many trips to the bathroom.  

I'm such a chicken.

At the end of the day we met up with all the others that were taking the plane back.  A van waiting for us on a side street with sea-plane decals all over it.  As it turns out, the driver of the van would also be our pilot!

I was not the only one that was nervous...even someone who WORKS ON planes was not too sure about the construction of the plane.
The lake was like glass when we took off.  The views were beautiful!  I kept looking for places where he could do an emergency landing.  Thoughts of killer whales or being lost in the forest of trees on the mountains, being eaten by bears...if I survived.  OR we'd have to eat each other!!!  Oh man, I'm nuts!
We landed safely in the Vancouver harbor.  It was pretty neat - not sure if I'd do it again, but I can at least say I did it.

Found our way to the bus and headed back to our Travelodge.  Grabbed our car and headed to Victoria by Ferry.

My Facebook post from the day said: "started the day on foot, then train.bus.foot.van.(sea)  what a day!"


Jabbles said…
I am not a nervous flier, but when a plane mechanic is nervous that might make me a little weary. Glad you made it Safely.
dynochick (Jan) said…
Sea plane? That is one for the books.

I can remember my first helicopter ride. It was over the Grand Canyon and I had to sit upfront with the pilot. He told me to make sure I didn't touch the pedals with my feet. I didn't move the whole time I was up in the air.
baby sister said…
Pretty, but YIPES!
Your Son said…
So mom, when I go in to the "learn to fly" place next to the house, you wont be in the plane with me this time, like you were when I was getting my license? =)

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