Chauncey C. Adams...

If you could only hear my high-pitched scream of amazement. Well, you probably wouldn't, because I'm not a very overtly emotional person,...but if I was, it may have hurt your ears. I must say that this research has been extremely successful. It's so nice that so many would take the time out of their day to call, email or send a letter. People that I feel a bit of a kinship with, since we have shared the love and hard work of this house.

Spoke to Dorothy Adams today. She is the wife of Chauncey (Chuck) C. Adams. She was responding to my letter about the house and calling from Bremerton, Washington.

She didn't know that Chauncey was on the deed and thought that possibly the deed was referring to her Father-in-law; Chauncey’s father - whose name was also Chauncey. However, Chauncey Sr. passed away in 1942, so she was unsure if he could be on a deed. The Adams lived at 136 Minot Street in Romeo.

Chauncey, who didn’t like going by that name, since it was a “sissy” name, was the little brother of Bertha; that is how they are related. He graduated from high school in 1940. He went to U of M, Ann Arbor to become a pharmacist. He was a Naval Officer for 23 years.

Dorothy, a nutritionist, met Chauncey on Valentine’s Day, 1946 in Seattle at a party that she and some co-workers put on for the young Navy Officers. They were married the next year. She and Chauncey had spent two weeks of their honeymoon in the house in August 1947. They were house sitting for Earl, Bertha and family while they were on vacation. She confirmed to me that already at that time the facilities were up and running and that it was a newer house.

Earl and Bertha had children; Emily, Susan and Sam. Susan is the oldest daughter and Dorothy will have her send me an email. Susan was 12 or 14 when they lived in the house.

Chauncey and Dorothy lived in Ann Arbor for 9 years from 1970-1979; until Chauncey slipped on the ice and said, “we’re out of here”. They had seven children.

With this latest connection, it only leaves the Nordmans' and the Stones'. I wonder if I'll ever hear from them.


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