contractor, contractor, contractor - architect...

After having four separate contractor companies come by and scratch their heads we’ve decided to hire an architect. He will be able to tell us what a civil engineer would tell us; if the project is feasible.

He came over on Sunday afternoon to take a look. He believes the poured concrete walls and new footings will do the job – oh, and a new garage floor. Yipes! I was not pleased to hear that. The idea of a full height second floor was considered an option, which makes me happy – I just want a usable space up there. This will be like a mini house.

He should have the initial sketches done soon, then we’ll need to get our survey done and then our contractors would have something to work with and we’ll be able to go in front of the township/village and get our plans approved and pull the permits. Once all that is done, our architect will draw up some blueprints and then all should be ready for the demo.

Project is slated to begin when we come back from France in June. Hope to have our portion of the demo done prior to our trip.

So far, the project has cost us $200.00; the first half payment for the architectural sketches.


dynochick (Jan) said…
Franze!!! I like how that sounds. LOL

Cool. Unless there is a race track there I'll never get R there. I know I could get him to Hungary (his family's homeland)so I might start there and work my way to Franze.

$200 seems reasonable for an architect. I hope everything goes smoothly with your twp. Seems like in my area everyone wants to have a say so in everything. That would be great if they all said their little say so at the beginning but it seems like they want to go one at a time, resulting in many trips. I think I can do most of the work to 'The Gear' without detection except for the one side and I will do that on the weekend. And then deny everything if they ask questions. I'll tell them it is the power of new paint. Amazing what a little scraping and paint can do for a house!!!

Good luck.

Oh I forgot the people at this blog are moving to Kzoo Michigan from Mn. Thought you might like to wish them welcome to Michigan.
baby sister said…
There are racetracks there...for Formula 1...we go to France cuz my hubby is from there. We try to go together every other year...just so they can see how fat I've gotten.

The $200 was just the initial down payment. By the time we've paid him completely, it will be more like $1200. AND just found out that there is a permit charge of $1000. This isn't going to be pretty.

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