dodged a bullet...

Thursday afternoon our boss came to BR2. He never, or should I say rarely does. Then asked one of our designers into the Program Managers office. The designer was laid off.

Not two minutes after the designer walked out the door, after saying his good-byes to everyone, that an email arrived in all of our inboxes at work.

It was an urgent email from our President. It stated that tomorrow (Friday the 13th), they would initiate an "R. I. F."...reduction in force. Yes, they used an acronym for laying people off!

Friday was a very dreadful day. Everyone was worried about who was going to be let go. Fortunately, the bloodletting happened early enough. By 9:30am, it was over. We lost another person in our group; a CAE guy.

By 2pm, all those who remained and who were invited to a 2pm meeting were told to breathe easier - we were essentially "saved". Go home. Get some rest and come to work on Monday refreshed and ready to work hard.

However, we were also told that there would be a couple of others that would be laid off on Monday, since they were unavailable on Friday to do so (they were on vacation, sick or something). We had 2 people on our team that were on vacation on Friday. We're all wondering if one of them will be leaving as well.

Sad what has happened to our industry ~ state ~ country ~ world. So many losing their jobs. Jerome and I were talking that it seems that companies should try to do anything apart from laying off, in order to keep everyone working. Otherwise it adversely effects everything. All these people that have been laid off cannot shop as much, cannot purchase the goods that we're trying to sell, can't find another job at this time. It's counter intuitive. They should possibly think of maybe taking away our 401k company contribution or maybe putting us on a 4 day work week. That would make it so that more people would be working, for 20% less pay, but you can adjust - and it doesn't have to be forever ~ maybe try it for 6 months.


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