why i like where i work...

I'm never the happiest at work - not sure I've ever been.  There have been jobs that were much better and there have been jobs that were horribly miserable!

Today I was thinking that I should, just for one day, stop complaining (whether it be out loud or in my head) and think of the reasons that I am actually pretty fortunate to have this job.

Also today on a blog that I read, the girl shared a site that I thought was really cool, and so with what you are able to do on that site, I bring you all the reasons that I like where I work.

You can click on it and make it larger so that you can read everything.   Oh, and I highly recommend you try this site out.  Pretty cool.
I'm sure there are better reasons to like a job, but I think this is pretty good my first go-around.  If things get better, I'll update my 'wordle'.

I'm still not looking forward to going on Tuesday...


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