Peyton Isabella Bruce is Born!...

Got the call from Kathy at 9:08am on Monday to let me know that Sam was admitted into the hospital and was dilated 5cm.

Took a shower, finished up the dishes and called Meals on Wheels to get a sub for me that day.  Frustrations; the MonW voicemail that tells you to call back during regular business hours kept picking up and then hanging up at the end of the message.  It WAS regular business hours!!!  I called 5 times before I got a hold of a human to let them know I would not be able to do my run that day.  As it turns out, I could have done my run.  But you just never know when things are going to happen.

Started driving to the hospital a little after 10am.  While driving, my cell was going off.  I can't immediately identify where the bugger is, so I pull over and fish it out of my purse.  It's Jerome, I'd missed the call so I call him back.  The connection is bad and then goes dead.  My cell phone is dead!  UGH!  I don't have my charger with me!

Got to the hospital and decided to park in the parking garage on the North side of the hospital.  I pull into the first space I find, which I notice once I'm all the way pulled in that this space is reserved for Large vehicles...and I'm driving my MINI.  I start backing out when I nearly get rear-ended (completely my fault) by a pick-up truck that doesn't see me backing out of this spot because I'm so small next to these huge trucks.

When I finally arrived in the Labor and Delivery Room (room 7 - good luck!), everything was nice and calm.  Really nice room; a little cold.  We all stayed there and chatted for a few hours.  There was Sam, her mother Kathy, her father Bill and her brother Derek - and me.
There was a point in time where she found it possible to Skype with Justin...after he ate dinner.  It was nice to see his very pixalized face.  Then he needed to leave again to use the restroom.  Talked for a moment and then said he needed to get off so he could go to sleep.  Nice.  Good for him, I guess.  Guys, they have it so easy...especially when they are away fighting a war.
She remained calm the entire time we were all in the room.  She was really doing good until she started feeling the pain.  Then the mood changed and it was time for us to leave.  The doctor was determining what to do to bring her along since it seemed her progression had slowed down.

We all retreated to the actual "Waiting Room".  A short while later we were joined by Jerome.  He was coming from work.  Had some dinner, watched some TV, browsed the internet...

Three and a half hours later, our little angel was born.
We found out later that she was facing the wrong way and that was the reason she was having a hard time coming out.

She was born Monday, August 30 at 9:37pm.  She was weighed in at 8lbs 1oz (first time she was weighed, the scale was wrong) and she's 20 3/4" long.


Charisa said…
Congrats! She's beautiful!
Jabbles said…
Congrats Granny Moo!
If little Peyton is going to be spending lots of time at her Grandma's home might I suggest the goodwill for swings, high chairs and such. That is where my mom got all her stuff for her grandson. All of it was practically new for much much cheaper. Once she has outgrown it just re-donate it all.
dynochick (Jan) said…
That photo is adorable.

Congrats again.
Debbie said…
Awwwww.... She is beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
eg var ad leita ad, takk

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