update to the tale...

Today was my "Bad Driver Class".

I called to set up the class right after I got home on Wednesday from court.  I had up to 6 months to complete the class.  I wanted to get this over with and behind me as soon as possible. 

It was at the Class A Training Center in Armada.  This is where they teach people to be over the road truck drivers.

The class was pretty full - mostly teens and young twenties.  I was the oldest...I think I was even older than the teacher.  They made thousands today.  I had to pay $85 cash for the class, but I could see that some had to pay more.

The class was very basic.  The class commentary was much more entertaining.  We all got the chance to learn about just how many BAD drivers there are out there on the road...and in this class was just a small percentage of them.

The teacher wanted us to share with the class how we ended up there.

Without any prompting, we found out that a couple of the guys had two or more DUI's, plus accidents and speeding tickets.  One girl was driving on a suspended license and didn't update her tags, so that's how she got nailed.  Others blew through stop signs.  It was starting to get ridiculous.  These are semi new drivers.  And the bravado in the room was hard to take.  They all seemed rather proud of themselves.

But the funniest story was from an 18 year old guy.  He lives at 24 Mile Road and Dequindre.  He left for the class at 8:30am.  The class started at 9am.  It would have taken him 15-20 minutes to get to class, but he decided that he was in a hurry.  He was clocked doing 99 in a 70 zone.  The State Trooper that wrote him up, wrote him up for the whole thing; 29 over!  He was in the class for a speeding ticket and then he shared with us that he needed to clear up yet another ticket.  I think this guy will be used as an example and will end up in jail for a while.

Crazy, getting a ticket on your way to "safe driving school"...or I think I'm more appropriate to call it "Bad Driver Class".


Jabbles said…
Glad it is all over.
I actuakky remeber seeing something on TV about how these safe driving classes are a gold mine for the operators, nothing is really tought and the profit is huge.

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