wreath making at the henry ford estate...

When I worked on Detroit's west side a few years ago, a friend that I worked with brought me to the Henry Ford Estate for lunch. The HFE has a room called The Pool Room which used to be an indoor pool inside the mansion. They have covered the pool and made that part of the room into the dining area of the restaurant. It's very beautiful and you get an idea of how the Ford's lived (very nicely, by the way).

So, for the duration of my time working on Detroit's west side, I frequented this little restaurant - took everyone and anyone there. I nearly always ordered the quiche of the day and soup of the day which were always fantastic.

Also during that time I had picked up one of their fliers and saw that they have little events there like "Tea with Clara Ford" or "Spring Bouquet" where you make an arrangement of spring flowers as a centerpiece for Easter.

Five years ago, I decided that I would try out the wreath making event. This is taught by a couple of guys who own their own floral decorating business. They teach you step by step how to make a wreath with 5 different types of evergreens; juniper, 2 different kinds of cedar (I remember one was called incense cedar), white pine and can't remember the fifth...oops.
I really enjoyed it and decided this year to go again. This time I invited my sister-in-law, her mother Pat, her sister Debbie and my 10 year old niece Jordan. It was sticky, dirty, smelly (like pine, so not bad) fun! And we all got to take our beautiful wreaths home.
I highly recommend this class and the "Tea with Clara Ford", which I took my mother to last year. I'm sure the other programs are just as good, but I can only recommend what I've done.
After the event was over, we all headed to Romeo to catch some lunch. Then off to The Lamb's Tail Holiday Fair. This is a cute little antique shop in Armada. I purchased a jar full of vintage ornaments (very reasonably priced) and a sprig of colored eucalyptus.

When I got home, I used my newly tuned wreath making skills and threw this together:


Charisa said…
The wreath's are beautiful! Quit your day job and make wreaths!

I've worked with evergreens too, and it's awful on your hands! All the poking from needles, sticky sap, and dirt from wire. So much harder than it looks!

I say you need one on every door!
dynochick (Jan) said…
I love those wreaths!!!!

I can see my sister and I need to go to that next year.

I am trying to work the holiday home tour into my schedule.

good job with the wreath!! Very festive!!!

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