garage door mess...

Over the weekend, Jerome was installing the garage door opener. He only needed my help every now and then.

The instructions (yes, he is one to actually READ the instructions) said to put a 2x4 on the ground in the path of the garage door to test the reverse mechanism. This will help you determine the “force” that is required. There is a little tuner on the side of the opener.

Jerome did what was instructed and the door did not automatically reverse.

The instructions also said to push the button and then hold the garage door as it is going down as to prevent it from going down – the automatic reverse should go into effect.

Jerome did what was instructed and the door did not automatically reverse…in fact, the garage door continued to close while Jerome was holding the door and the “force” was so strong that it buckled the door – creasing it so much that it split. I happened to be there when it happened.

Oh My God! It brought tears to his eyes. Our beautiful special order door; the top panel completely dented…and ugly.

He was crippled. I told him to give the garage door guy a call and see what he says. Maybe it’s covered by the warranty. He called the guy and was told not to feel bad, that it happens to a lot of people.

The thing is, the door cost us around $1700 – it’s not insulated because the garage is not attached and so it doesn’t need insulation. The top panel (the panel that was destroyed) was mostly made up of windows; hardly any metal – so, considering those two points; hardly any structure. And then you think what kind of cheap metal is this thing made out of that it can bend so easily? It’s not Jerome’s fault, he was just following the instructions.

The garage door guy came out last night to take a look. Since it’s a special order, it will take upwards of two weeks for it to come in. We asked if we could reuse the current windows in the new panel. We were told that we could, but we should try to not open and close the door very often in order to make sure the windows will stay in tact. That means we either won’t park in the garage or we will keep the door open all the time. The guy will get back to us regarding the cost…not covered :( (Update: got an email from the garage door guy and the new panel is going to cost nearly $700!)

So, the next step is to see if the manufacturer of the garage door opener will reimburse us something, since the reverse mechanism seems to be malfunctioning…we’ll see.


dynochick (Jan) said…

So let me get this straight...because the door malfunctioned and became damaged because it malfunctioned, you now bear the cost burden to correct the damage? Why isn't the company who you bought the door from taking care of the damage? Shouldn't they be the one dealing with the manufacturer? How convenient of the seller to tell you afterward that the door is weak and you try and limit your use of said door. Actually that excuse is rediculous because a door is meant to be open and closed. If you can't open and close's called a wall. I think they failed to tell you this because they 1. make more money on the added cost for a window 2. they make more money repairing the defect due to use. If they knew this was a problem they should have disclosed this before you signed on the dotted line. It's logical that you would be opening and closing said door numerous times. They failed to disclosed knowledge of this known defect, quirk, or weakness in the door. They have a responsibility to not only tell you the attributes but the liabilities and dangers with said door. What if that had been a small child under the door and not an adult male?

Something smells fishy with both the seller and the manufacturer. I wouldn't write any checks too soon. That's the trouble these one wants to stand behind their product. Did you pay with a credit card? Sometimes they have the ability to help you out. Maybe channel 2, don't they have a consumer advocate? A lot of people are buying those expensive doors right now and would probably like to know about this company and manufacturer.

I now know for sure I am not ordering doors with windows. When you order a new panel are you going to order one with a window again?

That style of door is what we are putting on the barn and house, three doors total. Who is the manufacturer? I want to make sure I don't order from them?
baby sister said…
It's a little more complicated than that, I think.

To "save" money, we purchased the door opener from Home Depot with the idea that we would install it as well. The door opener is a Chamberlain Whisper Drive (Model HD600 1/2 HP).

The garage door people are dynamic door llc. They were subcontracted by the general contractor. Nothing was said to us that the door structure will be compromised by the addition of windows; it is just now very easy to put two and two together.

The dynamic door guy did tell us that it happens to a lot of people, but he wasn't implying that it was only the doors that have the windows on top - and he said this was the first one he saw that was brand new that had this issue.

I'm not sure which of the three are to blame; the garage door for being weak, the garage door opener for not going into reverse when Jerome held the door, or Jerome for being the one that installed it (being that it's his first time).

We are going with the windows again, because it's the only natural light that we'll get in the garage, without the door being open.

I hope that when Jerome contacts the people at Chamberlain that they throw him a bone.

I am worried that it will happen again when the opener is again tested. Dynamic doors says they will finish the install - which is basically reattaching the opener and testing the reverse function.

They are going to leave us the damaged panel so that we can bring it in to recycle.
dynochick (Jan) said…
I guess that means I should get the doors and the openers from the same people and have them install the openers.

I can't believe the doors aren't sturdier. They probably want to keep them as light as possible to avoid hurting someone if the door came down on anyone. Plus it would not need as big of an opener if it is light.

$700 bucks!!! Yikes. I wonder if homeowners insurance would cover that? But then by the time you take off for your deductible and then they raise your's really not worth it.

Bummer, but at least I know what to ask and what to expect when we order our doors.

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