but before that, there is thanksgiving...

Having family over tomorrow; my oldest brother Marty, his wife Chris (she went to the wreath making event with me) and their kids Jacob & Jordan. My youngest brother Ray and his youngest daughter Cate. My cousin (from Belgium) Martine and her twin daughters Jill & Lynn. My son Justin. And possibly surprise guests (not tellin').

Jerome was busy last night shopping and starting to prepare the dishes and then he will continue all night tonight. I'm the cleaner and house preparer - he is the shopper and cooker. I like it like that.

I pick up Justin from the airport tomorrow at 1:15pm. And we are expecting everyone around 5pm. Hope everything works out the way it's planned.

The table is set with my parents china that they received for their marriage in 1951. It is Wentworth china with the Viola pattern. It's made in Japan, so why do they call it china? ;)


Charisa said…
The table looks fantastic! It's great that you get spend Thanksgiving with so many family members! Hope you enjoy the day!
dynochick (Jan) said…
Wow..big family. We are a very small family.

I have my parents wedding present china, also. It is a flowered pattern but I am not sure of the maker or pattern.

I'm baking pumpkin coconut walnut bread right now. My mother is cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS.....The Lions will lose, as usual.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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