whoa, i am all christmassed out!...

You know Christmas can be so gaudy! I hope I haven’t overdone it. I have Jerome tell me whether something is too kitsch and I hope his all-seeing-kitsch-eyes are working when it comes to what I’ve put up.

The only thing left as far as decorating is concerned is the basement. Jerome had a good idea and I hope we can make it happen. My mother had a group of ladies come to her house a couple of years back to learn how to make these really cool looking paper snowflakes. Jerome says we should make a bunch and hang them from the drop ceiling tiles in the basement – tons of them. It will look like it’s snowing.

I think I’ll try to have the kids make some on Thanksgiving. Sweatshop style :)

Then I want to hang a bunch of paper decorations that my son made me throughout the years. THIS might end up looking kitsch!

And finally, we’ve done a few crafty things together like making ice luminaries and recycling old Christmas cards (photos to follow).

I think I may have spent a little over $200 on different items for this tour. Including, but not limited to:
holiday ribbons (different sizes and colors) from Michaels
wreath making event at the Henry Ford
vintage ornaments in a jar and eucalyptus sprig from The Lambs Tail
an assortment of ornaments from The Home Depot
60 feet of cedar roping from Sherwood Forest Garden
a poinsettia from The Home Depot
a pump pot and some cups (for refreshments) from Sam’s Club


dynochick (Jan) said…
I was going to put up my wreaths today but I shingled until 5:15PM and I was too cold to do anything else. Maybe tomorrow or Friday. OOPS, not Friday. I have a 10 dolar off coupon for Bordines that I want to use.

are you going to post some photos of the decorations????
baby sister said…
I think I won't post pics until after the tour. :)
dynochick (Jan) said…
That's probably a good idea.

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