thanksgiving coma...

(my brothers; Ray & Marty - they're ready to eat)

We had a really good time on Thanksgiving. We nearly had everyone in the Family on Thursday (other than my son and my sister-in-law Chris). It was really good food, but gets cold so quickly :(

Jerome was cooking like a mad man!

The next day we picked up Justin from the airport and headed to my parents for a second round at the Thanksgiving food.

Today is a bit of a quiet day - nice.


Jabbles said…
Greeting, I came across you blog searching for Fontana Village pictures and MINI's. Anyway I figures might as well follow you. I will also take this time to ask how the Maple pie was?
baby sister said…
Wow, pretty cool that you would find my blog. It's long and boring :)

I have a lot of stuff on it in regards to MINIGLC III and IV.

The pie was awesome and in fact we just finished it tonight!
Anonymous said…
I wasn't there :(
baby sister said…
Who ever you are, no you were not and neither were a couple others :'(
Anonymous said…
yeah, I noticed after I posted this comment I didnt sign my name, its me your favorite niece Sammm!!

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