we have a floor - sort of...

Things have grinded (or ground) to a halt today because of the weather.

They were going to begin putting the brick on the front of the garage today and possibly put up the walls they made yesterday. But no, nothing - it rained all morning. And even though the rain has stopped, it doesn't look like they will be coming by today. It's 1:45pm and no sign of them.

I'm painting windows today and later this evening we have a committee meeting with our MINI club for our trip in September.

I wish I could actually enjoy this time off that I'm having, but I still feel a knot in my stomach. I wish I was old enough to just say "I'm retiring". But I've got a few good working years left in me.

I've been finding out a few things here and there about my old place of business. I found out that as soon as I left, the rest of the guys received an email stating that they were all being moved "up the hill", and to start packing. It seems that one of the guys had prior knowledge of my layoff and his prophetic words still ring in my ears "no matter what happens today, there are going to be changes", as he was putting his boxes in his car Monday morning. I was also told that it's not looking good for one other engineer; his future is very uncertain.

Anyway, none of that stuff makes me feel very good. The economy sucks and the way people behave in this type of environment does not bode well for them.


dynochick (Jan) said…
I don't think the rest of the country understands the amount of stress that the people and the economy of Michigan are under.

I saw people I knew for 20+ yrs change and act horribly. I don't understand how they looked could look at themselves in the mirror.

I was glad I was able to retire. The rest of my peers all ended up at the Tech Center and I really didn't want to go.

I'm not sure exactly what you do for a living but can your skill set be used in the film industry? It seems that they are putting a lot of resources into that area.

Also you can list your house to be used on a film. Here's the website http://www.michiganfilmoffice.org/
click on submit location. With all your lovely flowers, your house would be perfect.
baby sister said…
Thanks for the website. I'm trying to load some pictures now, but it's really taking quite some time. Maybe my pics are too large.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

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