Well, apparently my boy is going to be deployed to Afghanistan.

He just checked into his duty station on Sunday and he was told yesterday that he will be headed there in December; before Christmas.

At least he'll have 3 or so months of training before he goes.

Keep him in your thoughts.


me said…
Wow that is a rough one. I would like to take him as my new Soldier's Angel project. Just don't tell him it is me. I have been doing this for over 2 years for random deployed soldiers. My last one made it home safely and it is time for a new one for me. Our entire family loves shoping for the packages we send. I can just make it generic and send him the stuff i send to the other deployed people.

Love & hugs,
dynochick (Jan) said…
I'll keep him in my thoughts.

I will be relieved when no one son, daughter, etc is in the middle east anymore.
baby sister said…

That would be great! I won't mention a thing. What do you usually send to soldiers?
baby sister said…

Yes - this "war on terror" has gone on for far too long.

I remember when it started, my son was still living with me at the time and we discussed how we (the US) had no business over there. That it just seemed odd that we had started in Iraq, going after WMDs that were not there and killing a lot of innocent people.

I understand (to a point) wanting vindication for 911, but I don't agree how we went about it.

My ex-husband was in the Pentagon at the time, could see the debris coming at him from his office and was a hero (in my opinion) by staying by and helping bring bodies (some of them were friends) out of the building.

It was a horrible day, but I'm not sure that "an eye for an eye" was really the way to go.
baby sister said…
Oh, anyway, I never agreed with the war and now my son is going to be a part of it.

Kind of ironic I'd say...
Anonymous said…
We usually get lots of food snacks. Jerky seems to be a big hit and gum too. Usually after you send soemthing they can kinda let you know their preferences are. Candy is also a big hit. It is too warm there now to send chocolate. He will probably tell you what he needs and youc an share with the rest of us. Often they do use stuff for trade- smokes and chew are big ones.

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