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I know that I’ve been writing about pretty boring stuff lately, but the garage project is the dominant thing that is going on in our lives as of late.

At work, our project officially ended last week Friday (8/7). We needed to give Chrysler all of our deliverables by COB. Then the “team” was dispersed. 2 were put on a project in-house at Chrysler. 3 were asked to move to the building “up the hill” from where we work to be placed on other projects and the rest of us were told nothing…we’re just here waiting to see what is going to happen.

Today some boxes were delivered to our Program Manager. We were told a couple weeks back that he would be staying in this building until December, when the lease is up…well, the boxes are for him - he's also moving up the hill. Now there are 5 of us left, unsupervised.

As an outsider looking in, what do you think this could mean?

. . .

Jerome and I are working on the new lease for our tenant on Riverside. There will be some changes. Her husband is now living in the house rather than living in Las Vegas. They would like to go month to month and we’ve dropped the rent a little. It is better to have them in the house than to try and find new tenants. Plus, we like her.

Other than that, we’ve got a MINI thing happening tonight – Jerome is going to try to do some promoting of the raffle items; MINI steering wheel desk clock and a 6 point racing harness donated by Takata.

Justin is still in Virginia on leave. He has to report to Ft. Bragg, NC by midnight Sunday. I hope he makes it. He didn’t come to see us during this leave time. He is enjoying spending time with his old friends – hanging out, going to clubs and general partying.

This weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise. We usually go, but I don’t think we have plans to do that this year. Usually Jerome’s employer is one of the sponsors, but not this year. Usually the President of my company throws a party at his place, but not this year.


Tami said…
That is tough and unsettling news all at once. I hope you are not feeling too anxious but anxious would be my first emotion. We will throw you guys on the Robertson prayer list. Whatever the plan is, it's out of your hands. I hope you enjoy the weekend and can have some down time with Jerome.
dynochick (Jan) said…
What will happen, will happen. Don't fret but I know that is hard to not do.

Here's an example of something that happened at GM.

Person in charge of large project at a new building told my former supervisor he made too much and there was no job for him (highly skilled and full of invaluable info and experience). Weeks later this person is in a meeting at 9AM by 11AM was being escorted out of building with boxes in hand. Person that was said to be making too much (not enough in my opinion) is now working on the new big project in the new building.

I don't know how many times plans have been changed since the reorg.

Even my mail carrier says the post office is redoing routes and his has changed (on paper)3 times.

These are weird times and people are stressed. Michigan is stressed to the gills and I am surprised how well most are handling it.

Next year try the Back to the Bricks Cruise that starts in Grand Blanc and goes into Flint. I've been reading about how great it was last year and this year sounds like it was fantastic.

The last two days have been filled with vintage and unusual cars all over the place.

The cruise actually starts at a church right across from the country club just a block or two north of my house.
baby sister said…
Yes, weird times. Thanks for everyones concerns.

So far, as long as I'm there, they will pay me - even if there is nothing happening.

It's all good.

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