another statistic...

Well, it happened as I suspected.

All the guys at work look at our "bosses" calendar all the time and they were alerted to a meeting that showed up on the bosses calendar on Friday - the meeting was for Today (Monday) at 9:30am. Misc. was the meeting title and it was to be held in the conference room at BR2.

We all worried over the weekend as to who might be getting the axe.

The boss showed up and asked me to join him in the conference room. I was assured it was not performance related, just no new Chrysler work coming our way.

I will get 2 weeks of severance which is really nice.

It doesn't matter how "prepared" you are for the inevitable, you are still shocked when it comes.

Filed for unemployment this afternoon after unpacking my boxes.


Your Son. said…
wow mom. im really sorry =(.

what now? Carnie working at Ren fest?! =P

I know you'll do something amazing, you always seem to find your way out of bad situations like this. Good luck. hell. Theres always the army =P
Charisa said…
I'm so sorry to hear.
baby sister said…
I'm too old for the Army son, but thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, I'll figure something out - I'm sure I can find something out there. Just not at the amount I was making - but I think that's OK.

Uncle Ray's advice was not to take too much time off :)
dynochick (Jan) said…
That is a bummer.

I think the market is slowing coming around. Of course in Mi we are usually the first to feel it and the last to see the turn around.

But in the meantime you will be able to keep an eye on the contractors.
baby sister said…
My husband showed me a chart by google for the unemployment rate. It's interactive and you can click on your state and then click on your county and see how the unemployment rate is where you live and how it compares to the whole US. It's amazing; here in Macomb County, we are near 20% unemployed...and I'm one of 'em.

Here's the link, check it out:
baby sister said…
Detroit area unemployment for August 2012 is at 10.7%...that's 9% better than 3 years ago.

Keep that in mind in November people.

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