Mom's back in the hospital. It may have been food poisoning. She had eaten something 20 minutes before the pain started. She's been there since Friday evening and probably will be getting out on Monday evening.

So, I spent the night at their house so dad would have someone there.

My dad is an artist and we've been talking about different ways to show his art and the thought popped into my mind - I can get him an etsy account. Etsy is a website that deals in handmade items for sale. I have a couple of friends who have their wares on Etsy; one has jewelry and the other has photography.
My dad paints everyday. He really enjoys it. He paints with acrylics which are water-based. Easier for clean-up and doesn't have a strong smell like oils.

Dad likes to paint still-lifes, barns and other buildings and outdoor scenes. His paintings are always VERY colorful. I have several on my walls at home.

What I find pretty cool about my dad is that he has Multiple Sclerosis and still paints everyday.
Please visit his "shop" at EugenesWorld and check out some of his pieces.

And more scans of his paintings here.


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