garage update...

It is becoming the local watering hole...I'm pretty sure this is opossum.Not a heck of a lot happening around here. We got a call from Chad, our contractor on Sunday saying that the Village inspector wanted the soil tested by a civil engineer. So, they called a company out to take some samples.

The samples came back on Monday and the test was good; they will be able to use 2 of the current footings and tie into the other two, rather than digging them out and pouring new footings.

Then a new drawing was required, but this time it's from the civil engineer and not Robert our Architect. The drawing will encompass the footings, rebar and garage floor. Possibly the poured concrete walls as well, but we have yet to see these new drawings, so I really don't know.

Yes, all of these extras: Soil test, new drawings, civil engineer is going to cost US money. However, Chad believes that this will be offset by the savings from using less concrete and rebar.

Personally I think it should MORE than offset the cost and the project should become cheaper - but that's just me.

We were told that they would be digging for the footings today and they would pour the footings tomorrow.

We got home and NOTHING had been done.

Contractors; even in hard times, what did I expect?
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