update for tuesday...

Can't present paperwork to a tenant that never shows...

Jerome and I drove from work to the renal house. Got there at 5:20pm and sat in our car watching the Disney movie "Bolt" on my iPad.  We needed something to break the tension.  Jerome spoke with the next door neighbors while I was trying to coax the feral kitty (Beta) into the car.  This was one of the mama kitties that we were not successful capturing last year.  She'd get close, but not completely into the car.
We waited until 6:10pm before we called him.  Went straight to voicemail as it has for a couple of weeks now.  Drove to McDonald's to get WiFi to see if he emailed (we don't have smart phones).  He did not. Went back to house and this time looked thru the window in the breezeway and saw that the exercise equipment was gone!  It was there yesterday evening, which means that between the time Jerome went there yesterday to meet with the tenant (which the tenant wrote to us that he was going to be at an appointment in Livonia, so he could not meet until Tuesday) and 5:20pm today, the tenant went back to the house and finished packing up.
We're saps.  Totally played.  What will we learn from this experience...?

At that point, what do you do?  We drove to the Clinton Township Police to see if it was OK for us to go into the house and the nice police officer told us yes; in order to secure the property and make sure nothing was damaged or stolen such as copper pipes.  So we drove back and entered.  Tenant is definitely moved out.  House is clean as a whistle and holes where he had pictures hanging are patched.
Cleanest "get-away" thus far...

Oh, and Beta is pregnant, ready to drop.
Meanwhile, my mom, my son and his family are waiting for us at the restaurant.  We finally arrive WAY after they are already done with dinner, but they humor us and stay for an extra hour while we eat and have dessert.  Peyton is way busy and apparently was inconsolable that we weren't there with her.  I'm sure my mom loved that.

Headed home around 9:30pm and immediately sent our tenant a final email stating how disappointment we are with him.  Then put the house up on Craigslist to begin renting April 1. 

Didn't get to bed til 12:30am and I personally listened to Jerome's soft snore while my thoughts went wild until around 2:15am.


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