the making of a vintage clothes/coat hook...

Started with a "found" 6' long vintage wallpaper hanger's ruler. This was something that was in our garage when we moved to our house. Didn't know what I would use it for, until the idea came to me last month.

I had bought a TON of vintage door knobs on eBay a few years back. So, now I was trying to decide which ones to use for this project. Pretty soon I will have found a use for each and every one. Mostly I use them in glass vases as a decoration, but this time they will be put to a more useful use.

Jerome used a "tap" to make sure that the threads in each of the doorknobs were the same size and width all the way through and that it would fit the large screw we bought at the Home Depot. Luckily the metal in these doorknobs were soft enough to allow them to be re-threaded. 

Making sure the screw fits. If the screw fits, wear it ~ ha ha.

Drilled holes in the 6' ruler every 9" (starting at 4 1/2" and ending at 4 1/2")….I had polyurethaned the ruler to bring out some of the details.  

Screwing in the backplates.

And today we hung it in our closet. I know, such a work of art should be where everyone can see it, but the need is in the closet. (We just painted the closet in the last month and added crown molding). I will have to add another pic when Jerome has all of his clothes hanging from this :)  



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