ok people, what do you think...?


Alright, now that you've got a good look at it, what are the first words that come to mind?

We were called by the Project Manager of the balcony Wednesday morning and told that they were done, just waiting for the final inspection from the township.  He told us that neighbors had come to look and gave many compliments telling them that they should be commissioned to do all the balconies in the complex.  So when we got out of our car I said "fingers crossed it looks good"...

I agree, it looks sturdy and I really like the railings and we knew we'd need to apply some stain...but do you see what we see?

We were told that they would need to add vinyl trim under the floor of the balcony because when they removed the old one, there wasn't any siding.  We were fine with that and we told them to contact the Association to see what color they wanted under the decking.  They were told white by the Vice President.

...But the "wings"????  What the...?  We knew that they couldn't "match" the color of the aluminum siding, but really???  Couldn't they come up with something that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb???

The big question to them is "Would they use this example of their work on their website?"

We've called and praised and complained and asked for a solution.  Hope they've got one for us.


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