thursday. the third day...

Oh are funny.

So, as stated before, our plans with the Estate attorney have been postponed for a couple of weeks, so we just stayed home and took care of a few things on Thursday.

Funny thing.  Ever since we "secured" the house, the pressure on my chest just "poof" went away.  So, Jerome was right, was stress.  Crazy what stress can do to the body.  So I've postponed my doctor appointment for a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms are really gone or were just temporarily gone.

Headed over to the rental house to start cleaning up.  Washing walls, floors, windows, fans, closet shelves, etc.  Was able to get a few things done before the interested party brought over his wife and kids.  By that time, my sister and my son were over for a visit, which turned out to be a really good thing because I had mentioned to my sister that the guy sings for the Detroit Opera House and my sister used to work for the Detroit Opera Theatre.  Turns out that the wife also worked for the DOH so when names started being thrown around by my sister, they knew the people she was talking about.  So, I think that made them feel a little more comfortable.  And then I was happy that Justin was there so that they could meet him.  If they ended up being our new tenants, I wanted them to know that if we aren't available for some reason, that they could call Justin if need be.

They signed the form and gave us the money for the background check. They left just before Jerome got there.

We worked on the house til around 9:30PM, then headed home.

We took a look at the background check and decided that we would have these people rent from us.  They were informed through the website we use.  We made an appointment with them to come back to the house to fill our the paperwork and sign the contract on Monday.  Not a bad turn around.  I hope they work out OK.  As I wanted to say to Jerome, "Here are the new people we will be disappointed with in time".  Hope not.

Busy day.  We started off our day by going by the condo.  We were meeting with the contractors that are doing the balcony.  Last week in the midst of all the madness, we got an email from them stating that they had sent over their painter and he came back with an estimate of $495 to paint the siding and stain the wooden parts of the balcony.  I think this was the last straw for Jerome.  I think I saw the top of his head explode.  This teeny-tiny raised "deck" is costing us more than $5000 already.  And every time they make a mistake or have to change direction, they want to charge us more.  Personally, if it were just me, I would cave or as my hubby calls it, "settle".  I just have an adversity toward conflict.  I told him that I have no problem painting it myself.  And that he should look at that as an option.  He said it's most likely that we will have to do it ourselves, but he's not going to let it go that simply.  He's going to fight.  I really admire my hubby.  He's a better man than me :)

And so, after meeting with the original guy and Jerome really making valid points, the guy agrees that they will paint the siding for us at no charge!  Amazing.  We still have to stain the wooden parts of the balcony, but we already intended to do that.  WIN!

At the same time, I deposited my nomination to be a part of the condo board.  They are having their yearly meeting in May and wanted any new nominees to be presented before the end of this month.  If I am elected, I will serve a 2 year term.  I will also be exempt from paying association fees.  That's almost $2500 that we would save.  Plus I would love to be a part of the association.  It runs in my family.  My mom was the president of the Pointe Rosa Association when we lived on the canal and then when they moved into the condo, she was on the Association board but I'm not sure what her job was...?

Then we headed to meet our Realtor at the condo complex in which we've been desperately trying to buy a unit, at first for us but then for my mom.  It's a hot property and we needed to wait for 15 minutes before we could enter.  It was a nice unit, but too far from the elevator for my mom.  Plus they just raised the price $4000 in the last week!  As we were walking out, there was a maintenance man in a unit right next to the elevator, we asked if we could see it as we overheard that it was a foreclosure and was going on the market soon.  Now this one would be perfect for my mom.  Kind of a bedroom and a half, one bathroom so not too big.  The biggest issue is that it reeks of smoke.  So that would mean a lot of work would need to be done before my mother with emphysema could move in.  Told our Realtor to keep an eye on this one.

Then off to the rental house to do some more clean up.  Jerome worked on the hole in the wall in the kitchen that the electrician made to drop a line to one of the outlets.  And later he worked on re-attaching one of the fence panels whose brackets broke.  I continued washing walls, floors, windows, etc. and then doing some touch-up painting.

All the while I was trying to capture Miss Beta.  I successfully captured one very large Tom cat and one very cute raccoon, but I released them.  I have my sights on Beta.

My sister and son showed up around 5pm.  We were all meeting at Boston's for dinner and then going to CJ Barrymore's to play some Laser Tag and some games.  We had purchased a Groupon for 4 games of laser tag and 132 tokens which we divided amongst ourselves.

Afterward, my sister followed us home and stayed with us that night.

Slept in!!!  When I got up I decided I'd try a recipe that I found on Pinterest.  This was a strip of bacon in a muffin tin with scrambled egg, cheese and milk poured in the middle.  Bake for 30 minutes and voila! cute breakfast.  I would cut the baking time by 5-10 minutes.  They were a little dry, but cute and you could eat them with your fingers.

Headed back to the house to finish up.  My sister stayed at our house to do my mom's taxes on our computer.

I think we were done with cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and washing all floors, etc. by 9:30PM.  This is totally not bad.  Only 2 1/2 days on this project as compared to 3 months when our last tenant "moved out".

We consumed NO green beer.

Headed over to the house to meet with the new signers of the contract.  They signed and gave their security deposit in cash.  We shook hands and will meet them again on March 29 to hand over the keys.

We stayed a little longer as Jerome wanted to fix the water heater.  Jerome replaced the fitting to the cold water supply that seemed to be leaking and getting corroded.

With that, we hope that everything that needs to be fixed IS fixed.

We do have our handy-man coming by either today or tomorrow to fix two pieces of vinyl siding that broke because a tree limb fell.

So, as you can see.  You have a plan for the week and pretty much nothing stays the same.


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