plans for this coming week...

"The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!"
- Robert Burns, 1785

...let's see how this week turns out.  Tune in next week to see the outcome.

I've been having some health issues lately and am trying to figure out what it is.   To me the symptoms are very similar to what I was experiencing when my thyroid first starting to "go".  Heaviness in the chest, not wanting anything to touch my neck/throat area, difficulty or very noticed breathing, fatigue.  So, I went to my Endocrinologist last Friday.  They did blood work.  She told me that I should see my family physician and tell her what I've been experiencing.  She said it could be gerd, or gallbladder or at the worst cardiac.  So, I've made an appointment with my family physician for this coming Friday.

Hubby thinks it's stress.  Could be.  It started about 2 months ago and that's when the latest tenant/rental stress had started.

So, let's go over what the week has in store.
Tuesday (Today):
Jerome's dad's 71st birthday!
Need to go to rental #1 and have tenant sign some papers of "non payment of rent demand for possession".

Tenant was unable to pay rent or utilities for February and was going to have difficulty with payments in March as well.  We came up with a new payment plan that would bring tenant up to date with rent by April 1.  Tenant agreed.  It was to be put into play on Monday, March 4.  Tenant did not pay.  Now tenant is difficult to contact.  Cell goes directly into voicemail.  No response to emails.  Tenant didn't even sign and send the new agreement back as stated that he had on Monday, March 4.

An informant told us on Sunday that tenants trailer is no longer in the driveway and that there is trash on the side of the house.  Very suspect.

Another informant told us that he had indeed moved out on Sunday.

Finally received an email from tenant on Monday stating that he will be out by next weekend.

Once we're done there, we meet Justin, Sam, Peyton and my mom somewhere to eat.  Not 100% sure this is happening since I just spoke with my mom and Justin hasn't called to confirm with her, but I'm sure that in his mind it is a "go".

We had plans to see a 2 bedroom condo (for my mom) this evening, but already those plans have changed to Saturday around noon.  This is a place that my mother thought she would like to move to as a step down to eventually being in senior living.  We've put in offers twice in this complex for one bedrooms, but both times were out bid.  Mom said she'd like a two bedroom, so maybe this will be the one...?

In the meantime, since now we don't have anything planned, we should be getting our paperwork together for our appointment on Thursday with a lawyer.

We will be meeting with a lawyer after work to finally work on a will.  This should be an interesting and stressful evening as well.  However my husband is all about fair play so, I'm sure that I've got nothing to be concerned about.  I totally trust that he will have everyone's best interests at heart.

Also, my oldest sister comes to town for the weekend.  It's tax season and she has done my parents taxes for years.

Sparky's 11th birthday!...and to me he's looking a bit on the scruffy side.

The appointment with my family physician.  Need to have the whole thing that I've been experiencing written down.  I don't want to have another ultrasound of the heart.  That $h!t hurts!

Our tenant should be out by now.  Hopefully nothing is wrong with the place.  He was always very clean and one only hopes.  Need to do the move out check list.

Looking at the condo, but without mom because she'll be at a brunch...

Just made plans to have as many of the nieces and nephews meet us at CJ Barrymore's to do some laser tag while their Aunt is in town.  She's been wanting to do this for ages now.

St. Patrick's Day.  Nothing planned but maybe we'll have some green beer.

My oldest sister leaves early in the morning.  Very happy she rented a car at the airport so I don't have to be up that early to take her! :)


Charisa said…
Sounds like a full week! Good luck at the doctor on Friday - hopefully you get it figured out and start feeling like your normal self soon. We did our will last year - not fun, but glad we finally got it done. Hopefully you'll get through the heavy stuff this week and next week might feel a little lighter for you! Take care!

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