off the checklist...

Condo update:

We haven't been there for a couple of days...we will be there tomorrow after work.

We've completed tiling the kitchen.  We purchased the 12 x 24 matte finish ceramic tiles for the kitchen, utility and bathroom.  I'm still not a big fan of the matte finish.  It somehow keeps a lot of grout haze within its texture.  So when you check out the reflection, to me it looks dirty.  We had the same issue in our kitchen.  Ah well, it's modern and who (other than me) really looks all that much at the floor?

We ordered the kitchen cabinets.  They will take 3 weeks to get here.  In the meantime, Jerome removed all of the thin subfloor that they had under the vinyl tiles - all the way into the utility room.  He needed to remove the water heater in order to get to the subfloor and remaining tiles.  So for now, there is no running water in the place.

There are some tricky things to figure out with the utility room.  The drain in the floor and making sure everything flows toward it.  Where to begin tiling (we think at the drain).  The trap door leading to the crawl space.  Where to install the dryer vent.  And then we need a professional to come and run a gas line for the gas dryer.

I painted the wall behind where the water heater will return.  Wanted to do that while it was dismantled.  Much easier to access the wall.

We need to bring the contractor paper to cover the tile floor in the kitchen so that I can start painting in there.  I guess that's next for me while Jerome handles the tough stuff.  Like I said before, I'm the painter and he's the "everything else" guy.

In the meantime, we are hosting a German student intern.  He will stay with us for 3 months this summer.  He arrived last evening.  First impressions are good.  He seems like a very nice young man.  He's 24.  That's the same age Jerome was when he came to America.  Looks so young to me.  His name is Felix and he is in a band in Germany.  Indy-rock band.  He didn't bring his guitar.  He's got a girlfriend.  I'm sure she's just a tad bit worried about his American adventure, but he assures me that they've been together for 6 years already and there is a much longer separation coming in the future, when she goes to Greenland (I think) for 6 months!  At that time, he will visit her.

I believe, if he allows, I will put him to work.  He came just in time to help us take down that bathroom.  I'll just have to get him a respirator for mold.  And if we're at home, I may just have him power wash the driveway :-)  We'll see...I may just be dreaming.


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