maple syrup, spring has sprung and other things...

I believe we were a little late with tapping our maples...we only ended up with enough sap to make about a 1/2 a cup of syrup - LOL!  And our syrup is very light, VERY.  It's good...and we used some on our pancakes one Saturday morning.  Our neighbor told us that we can tap their trees next year and we WILL!

~ ~ ~

The long (and I mean super-long!) winter is kind of in our rear-view mirror.  We did beat the record snow fall that was set back in 1880-81 that's something :D.  Spring has definitely sprung, but it is absolutely blustery out there (except for tomorrow when it's supposed to be in the lower 80's).  I am happy to report that crocuses have come and gone, grape hyacinths are blooming along with daffodils and some tulips.  I have some flowers on my vinca-minor and the primrose too.  With flowers and spring, means MULCH.  We have purchased 69 bags of it so far and applied 44 bags already.

I attended a container garden workshop and have at least one container filled with beautiful hardy flowers; thrillers, fillers and spillers, as those in the "know" like to call them.  

It still feels weird to bring out the patio furniture...chilly and windy.

~ ~ ~

Over the last month, both my sister and her son had books published in which they were the illustrators.  My sister's is called "I am the Rainbow", which is a children's book and my nephew's is called "The Curse of Maleficent; The Tale of Sleeping Beauty" which is a young person's book...and a little more notable (sorry Terry) than my sister's because it's a Disney book and because there is a movie coming out this month that this book is supposed to complement.  Anyway, we are proud of them both and hope only good things to come from the release of these books.

~ ~ ~

Back in August, my friend's mother passed away.  It was a swift illness, which must be extremely hard because no matter what, you are not prepared.  A few months later, they had an estate sale and my friend reminded me that she had some items that I would like, such as Christmas ornaments and other crafty things.  She was right, I bought a bunch of things...then I spent the next day making my friend a wreath out of her mom's ornaments.  For months I had thought about bringing her the wreath and even had tried a time or two to come by, but the timing was never right.

We finally were able to go out to dinner last Friday, together with our hubbies...headed back to her house where I finally was able to give her the wreath.  She really loved it! Even thought I know it's not her style, but it was her mom's style and that's what matters :)


dynochick (Jan) said…
We're doing the mulch thing too. I think we are in the 60-70 bag range but we copped a good deal at a Kmart that they are closing and we were able to get some bags at 3.09 and others at 2.49. Unfortunately they are now all gone.

Cool about the books. Congrats to both of the illustrators.

Love the wreath and what a precious gift.
baby sister said…
We still have bags waiting at home for us to finish up the garden...too much time devoted to the condo right now.

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