condo #2...

Jerome and I have purchased another investment least I hope we get something back for this.

We will be working on this one for about a month or so.  Figured out last night that we're going to have to gut the bathroom and decided this morning that we might as well get new kitchen cabinets...might as well because EVERYTHING is sooo dated and used.

Hope to get some cash money for some of the things that we are removing from the condo.  50 bucks is 50 bucks, after all.


baby sister said…
It will be a rental. We're taking our usual slow sweet time doing the work. We're updating everything, new kitchen (very small) and new bathroom too. Wasn't expecting to do the bathroom but there is some water damage to the floor and we're sure that it goes behind the tile surround and under the tub. We've already had to change one floor board in the kitchen because of water damage.

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