gawd! we're slow...!

It's been just over two weeks since we closed on the latest condo and we've not completed anything.

We've started a TON of stuff, but have completed nothing, except to constantly pack the place with stuff that we trip over all the time.

What have we done?  Well, I seem to be the "painter" and Jerome seems to be the "everything else" guy.

There has been a lot of ripping out and repair of walls and floors.  In the kitchen, Jerome removed the tiles and the thin sub floor that was under the tiles.  After he removed all of the cabinets and appliances, he has had to repair a nice portion of drywall and added newer insulation due to former water damage from the roof.  He had to rip out nearly a whole floor board because of water damage that was making the floor spongy - could have been from the roof or from water overflowing from the sink or dishwasher.  Other patches and spackling.

He has removed all of the wallpaper in the dining room and hall, removed and spackled the area where the chair rail that was glued to the wall.  More removal of tile and sub flooring.  Installed a new light fixture in the hall.

He has removed all of the carpeting and padding from the living room and the bedroom.

He has removed the askew shelving and the appliances from the utility room and has repaired the walls with spackling.

He has installed the underlayment and laminate flooring in the bedroom.  Also replaced the light fixture with a new ceiling fan with light.

He has removed the bathroom medicine cabinet(s), mirror and shower door from the bathroom.

OK, now what have I done?  Like I said before, I'm the painter.  I believe in 2 coats of paint on walls and 3 coats if you are covering something dark with something light.  So, I've painted the bedroom walls "Bamboo" and the trim "Eggshell cream".  I've painted  the following "Eggshell cream": the bedroom and hallway closet and 3 sets of closet doors, all 3 entry doors.  All the doors (including closet doors) were a dark brown so these needed 3 coats.  I've painted the vent from the bottom of the utility room door and chair rail and I've painted the ceilings of the bedroom, utility room and hallway.

I helped a bit with the removal and installation of some things, but mostly, I've painted and cleaned up stuff...


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