the latest on the house research...

Called Jack today to find out how the search is going. He said he was at the Macomb County building finishing up. I can’t imagine that he’s only working on our property abstract.

Anyway, he said that he has traced it back to when the property was purchased in 1946. It had been platted and then re-platted in the late 40’s early 50’s. He says he has not found the builder of the house yet; that he is going to accessing to see if he can find the information there.

He said that it looks like the house was built in 1949.

He told me that the paperwork would be done tomorrow and we could make arrangements and meet somewhere.

He’s got all the names of the previous owners and the years that they owned the property. I’m a little excited to start my part of the research.


Tami said…
That is a really fun project. I keep wanting to do something like that with our families ancestory. Maybe you have motivated me.
Debbie said…
You have not motivated me, LOL However, I do think you should think about writing a fiction novel, you are a great writer!
baby sister said…
Thanks Debbie, I try to make it slightly intersting :)

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