holiday drinks 2008...

We invited a bunch of folks over to our place for Holiday drinks again this year. We really enjoyed it last year so thought it would be a good thing to do again.

The invitee list consisted of some of my old friends, new(er) MINI friends, some family, a neighbor and a couple of co-workers. Unfortunately, we remembered a few people too late that we would have really liked to have come – you can’t invite people the day of the party, can you?

Starting very early in the day we started receiving cancellations. These were due to (in order of cancellation) weather conditions, sickness, pregnancy and the latest one; social anxiety!

Only 5 people ended up coming (and one more later). It was a bit disconcerting. One couple came from just outside of Toledo, OH – they even got themselves a hotel room for the night. That made me feel so badly. However, everyone that did come said they had a nice time and that sometimes fewer is better.


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