have you ever had one of those days...

...that you seemed to be spinning your wheels? Things just don’t seem to work out the way you planned?

Well, yesterday was one of those days.

After a long day at work, where everything was fine – I headed to Main Street Salon to get my hair cut and colored and eyebrows waxed. I had practiced what I was going to say to my girl (Julia) as far as not to style my hair because I prefer it flat to my head and possibly just the wet look. The whole process of getting your hair colored and cut takes a long time. When it came time to tell her not to style my hair – she agreed and then started styling with the big round brush and the hair dryer. Afterward she said “you can’t tell a hairstylist NOT to style your hair – it’s impossible”. So, I ended up with way puffy hair. Oh well, I can always jump in the shower and take care of that – but it probably cost me a little too. The final cost for all of this was $125 + tip. I never know what to tip – is it supposed to be 10%, 15%? I think I’ll google it.

Anyway, got home and Jerome was just getting back from the errands I sent him on (or he sent himself on…never know). He had to go to Home Depot to return the slate tiles and natural stone mini tiles that we decided against for the fireplace. We had purchased them within the last two years and they’ve been sitting there, next to the fireplace waiting for us to have time and interest in continuing that project. For the first time, we could not find the receipt, but it doesn’t matter – you just take the items back and if they have the items in their system, you get a store credit. It’s so nice and easy. Only problem was that the huge slate tiles were a discontinued item, so they wouldn’t take them back.

Then he was off to The Tile Shop to return the samples and place the order. We decided on a dark brown glass tile for the fireplace face (after watching something on HGTV over the weekend) and then a travertine stone for the hearth. Should be a nice combo.

Our order for new office chairs came in and were delivered to Jerome’s work. He brought them home last night and after the hair appointment, we went downstairs to put one together. As we were taking the different parts out of the (partially damaged) box, we were becoming more and more hesitant that we had made a good purchase. The parts were wrapped in some sort of Huggie’s diaper material – really – it had Mickey Mouse and Huggie’s written all over it and also Chinese newspaper. The welds seemed really poor quality and as the chair was taking shape, it just looked like crap. The final “straw” were the scratches on the “real wood” arm rests. So, we are going to return them. We had to disassemble it and rewrap it with the diaper material, etc. Jerome could not remove the hydraulic stand from its resting place so we will have to send it back in a larger box. Incredible.

So, after we got all of that done, we decided that we’d start printing out our Christmas cards. The printer was giving us so much trouble – we could only get a couple dozen finished.

Then we looked over The Tile Shop receipt and noticed that the guy that Jerome ordered the tiles from ordered the wrong ones completely! Now Jerome will have to call the store and reorder the items. Sometimes I think he really has a handicap in this country because of his accent. People just don’t understand him – and then there’s the fact that he has some trouble hearing, so I think that works against him too.

The last thing we did was print out our investment information for our meeting tonight with our financial advisor. Hopefully today will NOT be one of those days.


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