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As you probably have heard, the auto industry is taking a beating during this economic downturn. This affects nearly every aspect of my life from mine and my husbands’ jobs, our friends, my parents and my brothers and their families.

Anyhow, everyone at Chrysler, if they were direct, got offered a package last month. They had up until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to sign on the dotted line. The packages differed depending on how much time you had with the company and what your job was, but it seemed that most packages offered a lump sum of money (I heard anywhere between $25,000 - $75,000) and a ($25,000) voucher for a new car.

Cerberus, the privately held company that currently owns the majority of Chrysler, wanted 25% of the people to take the package. Up until the last moment people were vacillating on whether they would take it or not. But I’m pretty sure, from what I’ve heard as far as people I know that have taken the package, they must have reached their goal, if not surpassed it.

So, my “connections” are pretty much gone. Two Friday’s ago, I was having lunch with the guys from work at Buddy’s. The place was packed. At the table next to us was a group from Chrysler. I recognized two of the people at the table. Both were CATIA V5 experts and also had a lot of understanding of VPM (the database I work with). Rob, one of the guys that I recognized, came over to my table to tell me that it was his last day with Chrysler. It was the whole tables last day. I really feel that if Chrysler wants to survive, they are really doing themselves a disservice by letting these “experts” go. It’s a bit crushing, but I wish them well – and as for Rob, I’ve been friends with him and his wife (outside of work) since 1993.

This past Wednesday was the day that those that signed, were to leave. There were several on our project (Chrysler side) that took the package and so today Chrysler is operating with a skeleton crew. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Funny SNL Skit – Auto Industry Bailout


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