another anniversary...

We celebrated another anniversary over the weekend - the actual purchase of our house. We signed on the dotted line 4 years ago.

This is what we were doing yesterday - working on the fireplace.

We have the cement board up, the corner pieces and Jerome taped the seams this morning before heading to work. We hope to have the first layer of tile up by the time our primetime shows begin this evening.

This project began in April of 2006 and we've been teased about not having it done for the last couple of years.

Justin called last night and I told him we were in the middle of "doing the fireplace" - he said that the last time he was home (over 3 years ago) we were in the middle of a project. I told him, we've not stopped working on projects the whole time. It's true!

Getting there...but not quite - this is going to be a long project
Close up of the glass tile - it's called Noche
Back in 2006 when we first started:

We had found a bunch of papers, photos and other items behind the mantle when we pulled it off. Even a check from Detroit Edison.


Anonymous said…
what a scary looking old woman
baby sister said…
yeah, she's in our living room...about 30+ years ago.

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