just starting...

We are getting the house ready for a visit from Jerome's family. Well anyway, his sister and youngest brother and their families.

There will be 4 adults and 4 kids. We've not had this many visit at one time in this house.

Let's be honest, we're always working on the house in some fashion - his family's visit is just an excuse for the work that we're doing now.

I'm painting the back guest bedroom. I chose a color that I felt was as neutral as I would want to go. It's called "applesauce cake". It's a nice color, but I think that other people would have probably gone for the lighter color on the color card.

One of the guys at work showed me a picture from a website that had a paint treatment that was done to a bedroom of a model home (see picture below). I thought it was nice and since I had done stripes on our master bedroom walls, I figured I could do this too. I have some darker colors (of course), but I think it will look very similar.

I am planning on marking the walls this weekend and maybe start painting one of the colors.


Justin said…
wow mom... i like that bedroom setup.

the paint is cool.
baby sister said…
thanks justin, but you are looking at the "example" picture :)

you need to look at the whole blog to see the room i did.

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