he's ba-ack....

Dad was released from the hospital yesterday. He comes delivered from the hospital in an ambulance. Mom said they were to arrive around 5ish. She told me this at 5:25pm and said that well, 5ish is past now. I corrected her and told her that 5ish ends at 6pm.

Jerome and I were driving to Mom and Dads after work. We were on 19 mile road when we saw an ambulance. I said, I’ll bet that’s dad. Construction is CRAZY on Romeo Plank going towards their house, so we were driving about 1 mph with the ambulance in front of us. And turns out, I was right; it was my dad and it was 6pm :)

The EMS workers brought him in and put him in his bed. I served him his dinner and afterward he wanted some wine in his sippy-cup and water in another cup “with a straw that is 180 degrees from the handle”! WOW – how specific! I laughed, but he has a method to his madness – If the straw is opposite the handle, he can bring the cup around, stick it sort of in his armpit and the straw ends up near his mouth – this way he doesn’t spill his beverage. Ah-ha!...but to me it just sounded funny.


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