iris trimming...

Spent the evening doing yard work; cutting the lawn and trimming some stuff.

I cut down the iris stalks along the driveway and counted how many bearded irises I was lucky enough to have this year: 60!

60 stalks which have up to three flowers on each – best case scenario is that I had 180 flowers! That’s the best showing of the bearded irises here at this house so far. This does not include the Siberian irises or any of the bearded irises that are in the back boulder (upper) garden.

I have to commend the weather for this. The temperatures have been very cool in comparison to the last few years with hardly any heavy humidity. I guess with the high gas prices (avg. price today $4.07/gal), people aren’t driving as much which has led to lower carbon emissions and thus slowed Global Warming…YAY!

Save the Polar Bears!


Deni said…
who knew you had such a green thumb
baby sister said…
well, as you know, i inherited this garden - i'm just the "keeper" of someone else's work...with some exceptions.

i never thought i would even LIKE doing this type of thing. I was given a hobby.

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