Wednesday, July 2, 2014

month ONE with Felix...

Felix is staying with us for the summer.  He is a student intern at Takata Germany and for his degree he needs to work at Takata for 6 months a year.  Takata Germany decided that he should do a rotation in the US for three of those months.

So far we've done a few things with him and we hope to give him some more memories...

We've driven him through Grosse Pointe to Detroit - always a shock to the system...
Comerica Park
Belle Isle
MINI trip to Gun Lake
Many, many BBQ's and parties
Green Dot Stables and Ocean Prime + many other restaurants (including Younger's!)
My brother's house for our niece's 15th birthday...

We will take him to Tennessee and go zip-lining and cave exploring at the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.

We are planning a trip to Frankenmuth in mid-July.

Hopefully he'll go to Toronto, Niagara, Mackinac Island...but most likely those places he'll have to go on his own.

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Jan Hunyady said...

Busy busy busy.

He'll have memories galore to take back to Germany.