backsplash tiles and faucet...

Photo taken with iPhone camera

So, nearly 2 months later and we've almost finished the kitchen.  Also, the only room that still needs paint is the living room...oh, scrap that - we haven't even started in the bathroom yet.  The bathroom will take us another month.  I think we won't be done until after we're back from our trip in August - which is a big bummer, but I think whomever rents this place from us will be happy with all the updates.

I've been sweatily wearing my mask/respirator constantly now and I took the advice of a friend and fellow blogger and have brought some shop fans in and have them blowing out the windows the whole time we're there...and thus, I am feeling a lot better.  The sinus drainage has nearly stopped and the throat irritation doesn't seem to be there any longer.  This is a HUGE relief to my overworked brain.

What still needs to be done in the kitchen...
 - dishwasher needs to be hooked up
 - outlets need to be installed
 - counter top needs to be cut to size and glued down (on the opposite side from this photo)
 - toe kick needs to be installed
 - stove and fridge need to be cleaned up a little more
 - 1/4 round needs to be installed
 - window covering needs to be purchased and installed
 - trim at the top of the cabinets needs to be installed
 - countertop sides need to be adhered (ironed on)
 - some paint touch-up to the wall
 - perhaps some cabinet knobs would need to be purchased and installed - however, Jerome is not thrilled about it
 - the floor needs washing...and with that, I think the kitchen is done.


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