july has rolled on by (part 2)...

We had visits from both of my sisters this summer.  Deni first and then Terry and Bill.  While Deni was here, she and I took a walk into Romeo and had a snack at the Antique Bank Cafe.  I showed her one of my favorite shops; Two Romeo Girls.  Also showed her some pretty gardens in downtown Romeo.

While Terry was here, I took them to Harsen's Island.  We ate at the Schoolhouse Grille and took a lot of pictures.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for a short ferry ride to the local island.

We also made plans to see a Tiger's game with whomever in the family wanted to come.  You have to see at least one every year.  Later we met up with my brother Ray at Hard Rock Cafe and took Felix to the casino so that he could play Roulette.  He was pretty drunk and put all of his money on black.  Immediately, red came up.  All of his money was gone.  We heard about it all the way home.

We had a bunch of AirBnB visitors this summer.  If you count Felix, we've had 7.

  1. Our first guests were a couple that were traveling to San Francisco in order for her to get some training in her field.  He was from Michigan and we were their first stop.  After talking with him for a while, we found a connection.  His uncle is a big supporter of the Detroit Grand Prix and Jerome volunteers for the Grand Prix every year.  There was only one degree between the uncle and Jerome.
  2. The next guest was a business man that we in town to show the ropes to someone who was going to expand his business.  His business is making take home, nutritionally balanced food for underprivileged children in Macomb County.  He was also a pastor and his family have the entrepreneurial bug and have a business with their bunnies.  They rent their bunnies to people who are having birthday parties, photo shoots, all kinds of events.  They will also sell the meat and fur and breed some bunnies for people who want pets.  Then they also board bunnies for people who are going on vacation.
  3. Then we had a couple that were in town for a wedding. This was their first time using AirBnB and their first time staying at a Bed & Breakfast at all.  The strange thing is that they left us a side note in our reviews that the only thing they would change is the toilet paper.  Not sure exactly what they meant and never received a return email letting us know.
  4. The next was a man who would arrive by bicycle.  He was on a trip from Muskegon, MI to Buffalo, NY; this year's continuation of his trip from the west coast to the east coast.
  5. Then a couple from Toronto Canada on their way to Chicago.  They were teachers and were going to a conference in Chicago.  Very Canadian-friendly and even left Jerome and Felix a couple of beers to enjoy while watching the World Cup.
  6. Finally, there was the mother that was coming up from Indianapolis to visit with her sons.  She stayed with us for 4 days.  You get to know a little more about a person when they are staying with you for so long.  She was divorced from her first husband and he had custody of the boys.  It had been a while since she had been up to see them and it seemed that our price was right.  Being that I work part-time, I spent more time with her than Jerome did, so I got to know her a bit more.  We had a lot of conversations about kids, old marriages and relationships in general.

I do not fool myself, I know that these people are not my long-term friends, but AirBnB has really given us the opportunity to get to know a nice segment of the population of this earth.  It's been pretty cool and I would recommend it to anyone who would want to open their home.

We went to see one of my favorite musical artist, Sarah MacLaughlin at Meadowbrook Music Theatre.

We took Felix to Frankenmuth; Little Bavaria.  Met up with our buds, Dee & Lou.  We had the World Famous Chicken dinner at the Bavarian Inn.  He said that the food reminded him of home.

Visited Pratap and Deepa.  Got to see our Argentinian friend's kids for the first time in years, Lisa and Pedro.  I am now Facebook friends with them, so I can see how they grow up.

Continued to work on all the rentals.

Getting ready for our upcoming trip to Europe.

Went to the St. Clair boat races at Dee's mom's house.  She's right on the St. Clair river.  The boats do a turn right in front of her house.

There was the first in a series of bad storms that day and some branches came down at 251.  We needed to go and chainsaw them up and fix a portion of the fence that came down with them.  Needed to again a week or so later when a full tree came down.


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