we've got renters!...

We handed over the keys to our income property on Friday, January 27th.

I have good feelings about these people.  They are my age, they are a couple, they are friendly, they don't have little kids, they don't have pets and when I mentioned the kitties, they didn't seem too worried.  Well, at least she didn't.
One issue that I hope won't be an issue.  As they were signing all the paperwork, he noticed that we had on the contract that we do not allow any type of trailer in the driveway or in the front of the property.  That's when he mentioned his big, shiny trailer.

We told him not to worry about it...and then we looked in the Township ordinances and it's the second ordnance that is mentioned.  No trailers or the such in the front or side of the house.

There is no way for a trailer to be in the back of our house - there is not enough room between houses, trees, fences to get something that big into the backyard.

We told him to just do it and if it becomes a problem, we'll let him know.  I said "if we get a fine, we'll send it on to you"...and he laughed.  Not sure I was kidding.

I have checked him out on Facebook and he allows people to read his wall/timeline.  He seemed VERY excited to move in.  A friend of his asked him if he bought a house and he said that would happen next year.  So, perhaps this is only a temporary housing solution for them.

Best part, other than I think we have little to worry about with them, is that we've gotten PAID!  YAY!  That was 5 months of no rent paid and where we had to pay all utilities.  So, we are relieved, for sure.


Eric said…
A little Facebook stalking I see.

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