the next day...

We woke up and had a couple fresh wet spots above us on the drop ceiling. It had rained all night and gotten really cold.

We had to roll up the tent and put it back in the car. Since it was raining and since we were the only ones at this motel, I told Jerome to back the car all the way up to the door so that we wouldn't get wet putting the stuff in the car.

So, the huge body bag that we trudged in late last night was now in tight manageable pieces and tucked back into the car.We continued our trip up the Keweenaw Peninsula. Another place that I wanted to stop was the Jampot Bakery in Eagle Harbor. This bakery is run by monks for the Society of St. John. This was another destination that was written in the article I mentioned earlier.
We stopped and got ourselves some Pear Jelly, my mom and dad some Dandelion Jelly and a friend of Jerome's at work some Boysenberry Jelly. It is a cute place with very interesting bakery items for sale.

We continued on and drove past the "Beginning of US 41" sign and drove on the dirt trail for a half hour or so, until it got so rocky and potholey that we decided that our mechanic would be upset enough about how dirty our MINI is underneath.
We went all the way up to the Skytop Inn; 735 feet above lake level and 1337 feet above sea level. The wind was so strong, it was pushing the signs horizontally. We asked the woman who was working there if this was normal for this time of year and she said "no, this is exceptional"...of course, that always happens to us. She was worried her huge golden retriever dog would blow away outside.

Another cute story. As we were trying to get a refund on the campsite the night before, a man was trying to rent out a site. We said that we hope he's got a camper and he said that he would be tenting. We told him he could have our site.

While we were leaving the Skytop Inn, this same guy was walking in. He recognized us and asked if we were able to find a motel. We said yes, and how was your tenting experience? He said it survived the night. It was a bit cold, but worked out fine.

Some people are more built for roughing it than the rest of us.
At one point, we were driving by the water and wanted to get a shot of the angry lake. Unrolled the window and the horizontal rain got the opposite side of the car all wet.
We drove all the way back to St. Ignace and spent the night at a VERY nice motel, that was cheaper than the stinky motel. And left for home the next morning.

It's too bad the weather got so cold and wet, otherwise we would have taken our time.


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